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January 5, 2014
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Ren Arata App 2 by replicAntBuggY Ren Arata App 2 by replicAntBuggY
Name: Ren Arata 
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 2.03m (6.6 1/2 feet)

Birthday: December 31st (Capricorn)
Blood type: AB

Position: Combo Guard
Number: 13
Talent: Being able to switch from Point Guard to Shooting Guard in any situation.

Personality: He is a calm and level headed teenager, though he can be rather lazy. He isn't one to take the spot light but rather be ignored. He really only wants to offer calmness to the team. Ren rather be used only if the team needs something a little different from what they normally do, and would like to be subbed in only when necessary. On court he takes on a serious persona that he likes to bring out known as "Drive." Otherwise out of sports he's lazy and only studies, so pulling him out in person is necessary. Or you can bribe him with food.

History: As a kid Ren was lazy and never wanted to do anything unless his little sister dragged him outside to play tag or do something that is well, active. One day when he was walking with her, both in elementary school, he saw some kids playing Basketball and was quickly intrigued. He began playing with some of the kids who were, luckily, willing to teach him how to play. 
It wasn't until middleschool that he really had to focus on a position, it seemed during the practices as he advanced from 3rd to first in his school, that he excelled in both point and shooting guard. "Combo Guard" his couch told him, which was where he began. As middle school started for Hideki Nobuyuki, Ren became good friends with him. The two both playing basketball together, making them closer.  His little sister began to manage the team. He purposely only came out when it was necessary and really didn't mind not being important. During one game though, he was hit extremely hard which gave him a concussion and a strange occurance. Hideki was witness to this incident.
 After that Ren dropped basketball together, and lost touch with those he was closest to. Because the aquamarine haired boy was a year or so behind, Ren ended up leaving for high school before any thing could be fixed.
When he joined Ryusei Highschool he really wasn't interested in anything since his accident which brought out his multiple personality disorder, which was slightly noticable when he was much smaller. He had started going by the name "Drive" in his freshmen year. Naomi kicked his head one day when she found out he wasn't playing basketball, she was absolutely furious by this. Amazingly the hit caused him to regain his normal personality.  Ren began to work on switching between the personalities, later being able to switch whenever he wanted, but he only allows Drive to appear during games.

• His second personality goes by Drive
• Ren and Naomi are 10 months apart.
• He loves food but doesn't over eat because he's lazy.
• He doesn't try to pick up girls, or guys, which leads to him not liking clingy people.
•As Drive, Ren shaved the back of his head and left the front long. Ren actually likes the style and continues to wear it.
•He tried growing out the back again but had developed Trichotillomania and his going through many problems with it

:iconryusei-high: & Apps (c) :iconhaofox:
Ren (c) :iconvelfeariam:
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Ren: -tries pushing off-
Megane--Sama Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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